How to Avoid Shin Splints

Managing director for Merrill Lynch, Eric Schimpf oversees the Global Corporate & Institutional Advisory Services (GCIAS) group. In his free time, Eric Schimpf enjoys staying active by running and golfing.

Running is a great exercise that offers many mental and physical benefits. However, running can also lead to injuries, one of the most common being shin splints, which cause a burning pain in the lower leg. One of the leading causes of shin splints is running too much, too soon. Runners need to gradually increase their mileage to avoid putting stress on their bodies, and they should try to cross-train with low-impact activities, such as swimming and rowing.

Runners with the tendency to land on their toe or heel are also more likely to get shin splints. The best thing to do is to land mid-foot, which will help to avoid both strains and shin splints. When choosing a shoe, it is also important to find one that offers solid arch support without excessive cushioning.


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