About the West Point Nomination Process

A graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, Eric Schimpf has gone on to serve as managing director with Merrill Lynch. Eric Schimpf formally advised United States Senator Bob Corker in his nomination of candidates to the five U.S. service academies.

At West Point Military Academy, students receive a high-level education with practical career training and the chance to serve for five years as an officer in the military. The education and experience that they receive prepare them for a number of long-term career opportunities at no cost to them or their families. Admission is highly competitive; students who apply must demonstrate outstanding academic and athletic achievement as well as leadership capabilities and involvement in the community.

Students must also receive an official nomination from a member of Congress or the Vice President of the United States. Members of the Senate and House of Representatives may nominate from their own districts or states. The Vice President has nationwide authority to nominate but may only have a limited number of nominated students attending each Academy. Most applicants submit either a Senate, House, or Vice Presidential nomination, although some applicants have family service histories that qualify them for military service connected nominations.


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