Why Coach Children’s Sports Teams?

Based in both New South Wales, Australia and Atlanta Georgia, experienced finance professional Eric Schimpf serves as an executive at an international private wealth firm with operations around the globe. In his free time, Eric Schimpf is a sports enthusiast and stays involved with his community by coaching sports teams in children’s schools.

More than 26 million children across the United States play team sports. A huge percentage of them are coached by 2.5 million volunteers who frequently have little formal experience with sports but want to help children realize their goals and desires. In fact, many parents often get involved in coaching children’s teams because their own children want to play a particular sport, but the league does not have enough coaches.
Caoch1Coaching is a big commitment that involves not only time on the sports field but also many administrative duties, including setting schedules and practices, completing paperwork, and keeping parents informed of their children’s activities. However, it can be immensely satisfying as a way to serve one’s community and to assist youth in building athletic skills and abilities. Coaching a winning team can be a deeply gratifying experience. Committed coaches also derive the satisfaction of teaching the children in their charge the importance of teamwork, courage and determination in the face of adversity, and a deep respect for fair play. Coaching also allows parents to spend more quality time with their children and their peers.


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